Budgeting for entrepreneurs
who loathe spreadsheets

Increase your revenue with superior money management

Proven formula, tested by entrepreneurs for the last ten years

Easy-to-use good sheet app is my financial source of truth.

Gabi, co-founder @ Holy, branding studio

To make it work – just fill in the blanks

  • #1 Gather your income

    for ongoing budgets, upcoming earnings and accounts

  • #2 Check your costs

    with recurring and one-time spendings

  • #3 Gain a balance sheet

    the simplified doc you easily understand

Get foreign entries
auto-converted to your native currency

Check history records and observe company trend charts

Update your data regularly to gamify your longest streak

Create to-do lists and notes to remember about everything

We regularly improve the app, so you can make your business better

With your help we can make the best budgeting app ever

I think every successful entrepreneur learned the hard way the consequences of ignoring the importance of proper money management. But, after a long day of working on the usual business, opening financial spreadsheets is the last thing I want to do. Easy-to-use Good Sheet app is my financial source of truth.

Gabi, co-founder @ Holy, branding studio

Why it might be important for you?

You have many sources of income that you need to manage

You pay for a variety of subscription services for your work

You work with partners, hire contractors and employees

You have ambitions to mindfully advance your business

It's hard to keep track of all the pieces. This is why we created Good Sheet app

Good Sheet app is the business leverage I always needed.

Chris, owner @ Codee, software house


Works like a charm for

Works like a charm for

Why you should give it a try

Why should

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Limited access

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Get free access
  • one bank account
  • ten active incomes
  • ten active costs
  • three month history


Unlimited access

$12 $8

(per month)

Get solopreneur access
  • unlimited bank accounts
  • unlimited active incomes
  • unlimited active costs
  • unlimited history
  • unlimited notes and to-do lists
  • limited access to video-meetings
  • standard support


Unlimited access and comunity

$18 $12

(per month)

Get partner access

Includes features listed in solopreneur plan and:

  • unlimited access to video-meetings
  • priority support
  • access to community
  • beta features
  • Payments secured by Stripe
  • 30 days for a refund
  • Price lock-in

A few years ago, I was burned out because of the chaos in my company's finances. Too many projects, dozens of budgets to take care of - it was too much for me. After I started using good sheet, I immediately took back control over my finances. It is the business leverage I always needed.

Chris, owner @ Codee, software house

On top of that

All Partner subscribers gain access to a private Slack group with:

knowledge base

community support

progress checkups

I hope this app will make a difference for your business

Doing business can be stressful. But, I believe that knowing where you are moneywise changes the rules of the game. I encourage you to try out the app and sign up for an onboarding call with me. You will be amazed how fast it will 'click' for you.

@Piotr_Synowiec, founder of Good Sheet app


Around ten years ago, I was on the brink of bankruptcy. My company's finances were a mess. I needed to get back in control, so I created a spreadsheet that is the base of this app. It helped me to pay off all of my debt.


After some time, I shared my spreadsheet with a friend who was in a similar situation. This was the moment when I discovered the demand for such a tool.


I spent learning software development and creating this app for the next few years. I wanted to share it with more people who want to work independently but struggle with managing finances.